Ordering Our Pies

Ordering our Bak Kwa is simple! Simply select the Bak Kwa you want, and click on the cart icon in the top right of our website. 

Delivery Time Slots:

Time Slot 1: 6-8pm

Time Slot 2: 7-9pm

Time Slot 3: 8-10pm

Orders placed within these time slots will be delivered within them. Do remember to select your preferred time slot on our checkout page.

Bak Kwa has also evolved into a popular snack throughout the year. While always well-received as a gift, it can be pretty expensive, and queues at the Bak Kwa stores can get really long during peak seasons. If you don’t fancy queueing for hours just to get your hands on these delicious pork jerky, another alternative is to make it yourself at home. You get to control what goes into this indulgent treat, and customise the flavour to your liking. Or, you can celebrate the joyous celebratory occasion in the comfort of your homes or offices by selecting from our delectable takeaway Bak Kwa treats.